Personalised and Bespoke Ceremonial Services


Since the beginning of time, people have adopted rituals and ceremonies to mark times of change in their lives. Rites of Passage offer each and every one of us an opportunity for growth.


The Power of Ceremony supports you through the opportunities and challenges that living and loving bring to us all.

Life Rites Principal, Victoria Spence and her team have a unique methodology developed over 15 years of practice, which is designed to ensure that the significance of your Rite of Passage is realised in every way.

Whether you require a fully-facilitated service of designing, writing and conducting of your ceremony, or you seek Life Rites resources to design and write the ceremony yourself, we tailor our ceremonial services to meet your needs. 

"In these increasingly secular times,  civil ceremonies provide a way for people of different faiths, cultures and beliefs to meet"


Whatever your needs or occasion, a Life Rites ceremonial specialist can work with you to tailor a ceremony and event to meet your specific needs. Call us now for an initial consultation.

We offer a full range of Life Passage Ceremonies:

  • Birth and Naming 
  • Adolescent Rites of Passage 
  • Coming of Age 
  • Commitments and Marriage
  • Funeral and Memorial 
  • End o Life Celebrations
  • Retirement and life transitions and losses
  • Loss of preterm children
  • Wakes and Living Wakes