Holistic Death and Funeral Services


Most of us only encounter the funeral industry once or twice in our lives, and often we are in a state of compete shock or exhaustion. There is no one-size fits all approach to Funeral Rites.

Everything begins with a phone-call. 

If someone in your life is dying or has died, call us. Together, we can tailor what you need with our full range of services. From a home vigil, burial, cremation and ceremony into ongoing bereavement care. Or we can support you to do as much of the pre and after death care and funeral arrangements and creation yourself, within your family or community.

How people die determines what is needed from our funeral rites.

We all know what death takes from us. At Life Rites, we want you to know what it may give you, like the ability to look back knowing you made the very best and most appropriate choices for yourself and the person who has died, producing future memories of community, authenticity and beauty, that will hold you as you grieve.


Life Rites offers a full range of creative and practical services to support you in these vital times of transition.

Home Vigils and the Cool Beds


Life Rites can facilitate after death care at home so that family and friends can spend valuable time in familiar and comforting environments. 

Read about the great life story of Julie Goswell whose bequest enabled Life Rites to purchase of the first Coolbed in the Sydney Metropolitan area in 2009. 

  • We provide expert guidance, support and our specialized Coolbeds so that you can conduct a successful vigil.

  • We transport your person home from the place of their death.

  • Support vigil and home body care-washing and anointing

  • Oversee and support all involved in the vigil

  • Attend to all legal paperwork

  • Organise pick up and transport once the vigil is complete

  • Work with you in ongoing Funeral Ceremony Creation and Practicalities.


Funerals in Community Locations and Signature Venues


People often choose to hold ceremony in a community location or signature venue. Sometimes these sites hold personally sacred value to the living and the dead. At other time, these sites best accommodate large crowds.  At Life Rites, we work with you on all funeral and event logistics and elements.

Home Funerals


One of Life Rites' signature service is to offer support through all that comes with death and the creation of a funeral in the familiarity and comfort of your home is a . To honour someone in the place that they lived is often a very meaningful opportunity for many families. This also allows scope for integrating the ceremony and the wake.

 Shrouds, Coffins and Urns