Workshops and Seminars

These groups and seminars can be customised to your specific needs, numbers and your community. From individual consultations and small groups, childcare centres to community an corporate settings. This information can be delivered in a simple, effective, participatory and creative way to produce clarity and understanding.

Understanding Death and Dying
An Introduction to the new science of Bereavement, to the shocks that accompanies most deaths and how we move ourselves through this as we build the necessary ‘muscles’ to meet the intensity of a dying process and what comes after for those whose auspicious responsibility it is to honour a life and in so doing, lay the best possible foundation for bereavement. We speak to what is loss, what is grief.

What do I say to the Kids?
This workshop deals directly with language and the interacting possibilities for our children as they approach the death of someone they love. Or are living in the wake of a sudden death. 

Grief and Loss throughout our Lives
Speaking to the myriad of losses we will experience in our life span from relationships, ageing, loss of jobs, social identity, health. 

Mortality Talking
How do we talk to each other about mortality? Where are the entry points in our everyday lives for such conversations? Before we know what to say, we need to know what to listen for. This workshops concerns itself with listening and the ways we can gently begin to approach these these all important questions and conversations. Presented in conjunction with Annette Tesoriero.