Guidance & Counselling Services


Sometimes you need a guide to offer you a means of navigating unfamiliar territory, in times of opportunity, challenge and change

Life Rites offers counselling to individuals of all ages. This includes couples, families, community groups and corporations.

Guidance, Counselling and Ceremony can work hand-in-hand.

We offer an initial obligation-free, 15 minute call, so that you can decide if Life Rites is right for you before you invest in an our initial consultation of 1.5 hours.

At times, one consultation is all you will need. At other times, you may choose to commit to a number of sessions, working together over time, as you passage through a significant life event.



Life Passage Counselling

All of us experience significant and challenging events in our lives. These events may occur at times of change, such as when we embark upon new relationships or careers, or as we become elders, meeting life on its own terms.  At Life Rites, we understand these times as Rites of Passage, rich opportunities for growth and maturity. 


In the Event of a Diagnosis

When you receive a diagnosis that brings mortality into proximity, the body shock can be enormous. At Life Rites, we work with you so that you can re-orient yourself and your family. And whilst the focus is always on your life, your future and your treatment, we can provide you with vital support along the way so that you can manage within the broader context of you own mortality.

Living with Illness

At Life Rites, we meet individuals, families and the communities around you to assist you and them navigate your 'new normal'. We support you to live as fully as you can, whilst managing and responding to the needs of your illness and any treatment.  

Living with Dying   

Mortality presents us with a renewed perspective about what is important.  You may require support in identifying, articulating and acting upon these renewed priorities. At Life Rites, we work with you to help you find the language, gather the information and create the context to address your concerns and needs. In this way, we help you to broach these necessary, poignant and often very empowering conversations with courage and grace. 


 Please contact Victoria by email to arrange a 15 minute obligation free consultation
to discuss our process and service fees.


Dying at Home

Life Rites can support you to map your healthcare system, establish support networks. 

Specialised Death Literacy and Bereavement Counselling Services

For individuals,  families, communities and corporations. Working one on one or in groups, these sessions can be taken on a one off or needs basis as well as structured programs tailored to your needs. Establishing the basic death literacy principles that support all of us in our living and grieving.